[OSGeo-Conf] Fwd: Time to decide on FOSS4G NA 2017

Daniel Kastl daniel at georepublic.de
Thu Feb 18 19:55:03 PST 2016

>   * In other regions, the regional conferences have run in the same
>     year as FOSS4G Global with no serious issues noted. It is likely
>     FOSS4G NA could run anywhere other than the North-eastern United
>     states, and both it and FOSS4G Global in Boston would succeed.
Two examples, where local (national level) FOSS4G's happen(ed) close to
a global FOSS4G:

* FOSS4G Japan run in the same year as FOSS4G in Seoul
* German FOSSGIS conference will be in the same year as FOSS4G Bonn

I think the main reason why this has not been seen as a competition were
different languages.
There is probably a significant number of attendants, who would not
attend a conference with presentations in English.

In case of FOSS4G NA and FOSS4G in Bosten the language would be the same


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