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Hi Michael,
For conference related questions, I suggest your first point of call be 
the conference email list (CCed), which contains past foss4g leaders.

(This is how OSGeo was set up to work when things are working smoothly. 
Committees are where most decisions are made, and the board is only 
called in to validate important decisions.)

For this email thread, I suggest being more specific in your question. 
If you know what you want, suggest it.
"I'm thinking we should do XXX, can you please confirm this is ok."
"We have selected our PCO, and we now need to set up a contract. We have 
a contract needing reviewing / We need to draft a contract / Are there 
any prior contracts we can look at to use as a basis of our contract / ..."

You will find concise questions are much easier to answer, and hence you 
are more likely to get a response.

In part answer to your question, there have been a number of different 
engagement models for FOSS4G over the years.
In 2009, which I was involved in, the LOC was not incorporated, and 
OSGeo was the legal body which engaged with the PCO.
In other years I think the LOC directly engaged the PCO.
How would the LOC like to proceed?

Warm regards, Cameron

On 22/01/2016 4:47 am, Michael Terner wrote:
> While entirely respecting the ongoing efforts and precedence for both 
> the FOSS4G 2016 even in Bonn and the FOSS4GNA 2016 in Raleigh, NC, the 
> Boston Location Organizing Committee (BLOC) has begun our planning in 
> earnest. Toward that end it is time for us to formally engage with our 
> Professional Conference Organizer (PCO) and to think about contracts. 
> Our understanding is that this generally happens with contracts 
> between OSGeo and the PCO, and then the PCO acting as a financial 
> agent on behalf of OSGeo vis a vis entering into contracts with the 
> venue and other suppliers.
> At this stage we are looking for guidance/confirmation on the process 
> and with whom we should engage to get details and start the ball 
> rolling? We also understand that it may be possible to obtain some 
> early advance funding that could support our startup until the Bonn 
> event concludes and we really accelerate the planning process.
> Thank you in advance for your support and guidance...
> Sincerely,
> MT & the BLOC
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