[OSGeo-Conf] Nominating Steven Feldman as OSGeo Conference Committee chair

Thierry Badard Thierry.Badard at scg.ulaval.ca
Fri Mar 4 05:57:24 PST 2016

+1 for me too.


Le 16-03-03 17:59, Cameron Shorter a écrit :
> With Eli needing to reduce his OSGeo commitments due to family
> requirements, we have been without an OSGeo Conference Chair for a while.
> Of late, Steven has been doing a great job unofficially stepping up to
> the task of doing much of the less glamorous  work of getting things
> done within the conference committee. This has been great, as he has
> excellent experience in this area, (including chairing a FOSS4G
> conference), and he regularly provides wise advise.
> As such, I'd like to nominate Steven to act as conference chair,
> assuming that is ok with Steven?
> +1 from me.

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