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Dear Cameron
I prefer to take into account the differences among countries. We want to elicit people developing and using open source and we want to walk all together toward this result. Equality often is not the best choice.
Best regards

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Ok, lets start working through Steven's list one item at a time,
starting a new email thread for each.

Once we have resolution (probably concluding with a vote) we can
finalise it in the foss4g handbook.

On 8/09/2016 9:12 PM, Steven Feldman wrote:
> >1) Overall financial expectations re surplus and sharing of surplus with OSGeo - possibly setting slightly different expectations for RoW to NA & EU

We have draft principles on Finances in the handbook here:

I suggest using this existing text as the basis for guidance. I
personally think it has the right principles in place.
In particular, it is recommending each conference aim to hand over a
fixed percentage of profits as surplus to OSGeo. 85% is suggested.
I prefer this advise over the suggestion that low income countries
retain more profit.

Cameron Shorter
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