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Steven Feldman shfeldman at gmail.com
Fri Sep 9 06:36:11 PDT 2016

+1+1+1 from me to that!

I have to get an RfP out in the next couple of weeks and I had hoped to simplify the document and the workload for applicants. Let’s keep it simple and leave the LOC to plan and run a great conference. 

I suggest that we consider creating an OSGeo Outreach committee which is tasked with running grant programs and other outreach activities. The budget for this should come from main OSGeo funds (e.g. the surpluses from FOSS4G events and the generosity of Foundation Sponsors)

> On 9 Sep 2016, at 02:17, Eli Adam <eadam at co.lincoln.or.us> wrote:
> Hi all,
> Prompted by several other threads which raise several complicated
> topics for intertwining with FOSS4G, I've come up with another idea
> for a different approach.
> Keep FOSS4G very simple.
> All these other complex ideas (many are good ideas that I support)
> should be separate and run through some non-FOSS4G committee,
> approach, method, etc.
> Here is a fictionalized analogy of the US tax code.  The tax code has
> had every "good" idea over the last century pushed into it because it
> is a place that you can "solve" things rather than addressing them
> elsewhere.  Many of those good ideas are good ideas.  Most of these
> ideas are also applicable to very few people.  So when doing taxes,
> you might need to determine if you are a widow of a blind railroad
> worker whose retirement account was established prior to 1930.
> I strongly support the grant program and startup funding to new
> Chapters and several of the other ideas and programs that are often
> intertwined with FOSS4G.  I'm not sure that they are best administered
> by a transitory annual LOC.  Requiring the LOC to administer these
> burdens the LOC, which should be focusing on other issues.  It also
> neglects these ideas and programs which are supposedly priorities and
> that we want done well and improved successively over the years.
> Let's find the proper place for these ideas and programs and support
> and nurture them so that they can thrive.  Making FOSS4G RFPs, bids,
> and LOCs like the tax code is a recipe for disaster.
> Keep FOSS4G simple and straight forward for the LOC.  Start and/or
> continue many of these other great ideas through other channels that
> allows them to get the proper attention, effort, resources, and focus
> for success.
> Best regards, Eli
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