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+1 to simplifying the FOSS4G management tasks, and reducing workload on 

OSGeo history shows us that very few volunteers step up to volunteer to 
manage a budget. OSGeo has significantly less budget than is requested 
of it, and management of a small budget results in having to decide 
which requests don't get funded, and justify the decision to often 
ungrateful people. Case in point is the marketing committee - which had 
budget, but didn't have volunteers interested enough in processing 
funding requests.

If there are specific funding programs as suggested by Venka, such as 
travel grants, then I suggest start by drawing up budget, a set of 
guidelines for administrating the budget, and then find a committee 
willing to manage the budget.

On 9/09/2016 11:17 AM, Eli Adam wrote:
> Hi all,
> Prompted by several other threads which raise several complicated
> topics for intertwining with FOSS4G, I've come up with another idea
> for a different approach.
> Keep FOSS4G very simple.
> All these other complex ideas (many are good ideas that I support)
> should be separate and run through some non-FOSS4G committee,
> approach, method, etc.
> Here is a fictionalized analogy of the US tax code.  The tax code has
> had every "good" idea over the last century pushed into it because it
> is a place that you can "solve" things rather than addressing them
> elsewhere.  Many of those good ideas are good ideas.  Most of these
> ideas are also applicable to very few people.  So when doing taxes,
> you might need to determine if you are a widow of a blind railroad
> worker whose retirement account was established prior to 1930.
> I strongly support the grant program and startup funding to new
> Chapters and several of the other ideas and programs that are often
> intertwined with FOSS4G.  I'm not sure that they are best administered
> by a transitory annual LOC.  Requiring the LOC to administer these
> burdens the LOC, which should be focusing on other issues.  It also
> neglects these ideas and programs which are supposedly priorities and
> that we want done well and improved successively over the years.
> Let's find the proper place for these ideas and programs and support
> and nurture them so that they can thrive.  Making FOSS4G RFPs, bids,
> and LOCs like the tax code is a recipe for disaster.
> Keep FOSS4G simple and straight forward for the LOC.  Start and/or
> continue many of these other great ideas through other channels that
> allows them to get the proper attention, effort, resources, and focus
> for success.
> Best regards, Eli
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