[OSGeo-Conf] [Board] Amended MOTION (items 1-5): Conference Committee - Updating Membership Policies and Process

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Thank you for your amendment.

As it is quite a substantial amendment to the original motion I propose that we have a period of 1 week for committee members to discuss the motion and possibly suggest further amendments. At the end of that period we can see whether we have arrived at a motion that has consensus. 

When commenting on the motion I suggest that committee members (and those on the wider list) refer to points 1) to 5) so that we have a clear idea of what we agree on and what we don’t.

Let’s close the discussion at 18.00 GMT on Tuesday 4th October.


> On 26 Sep 2016, at 20:09, Maria Antonia Brovelli <maria.brovelli at polimi.it> wrote:
> Here the amended motion.
> In my opinion it is the very time of voting  to be able to go ahead.
> It is better to vote before for  1) in such a way that we have a procedure and then vote for 2-5.
> Steven, I leave you to decide the time.
> Best.
> Maria
> 1) For the voting procedures of the Conference Committee the Board Voting procedure  made milder with the introduction of a 50 % quorum is adopted. 
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> 2) The number of members of the Conference Committee is equal to 17.
> 3) The retirement policy adopted by the Conference Committee is the same as that of the Board. 
> Conference Committee  membership is for a 2 year term with half of the Conference Committee seats coming up for election each year.
> 4) The present Committee continues for an year and we hold election in 2017 with the 9 seats  (9 of the longest serving members vacating their seats in Conference Committee) coming up for election.
> 5) Voting for Conference Committee members is restricted to the remaining Conference Committee members and Board members who are not members of the Conference Committee
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