[OSGeo-Conf] Start 2019 RFP / Call for vote on "publishing LoI votes"

Till Adams till.adams at fossgis.de
Sun Sep 3 23:45:14 PDT 2017

Hi CC,

as nobody changed the time schedule, I regard this now as accepted. 
Please plan some time for reviews of LoI and Proposals:

Stage 1 question period: 2017 September 30 to 2017 October 13
Stage 2 question period: 2017 November 28 to 2017 December 12

I will prepare the final document by tomorrow and publish it to you for 
discussion. Due to the timetable we'll have to publish it 8th of 
september (which is next friday).

Call for vote:
I would propose *not* to publish the number of votes on LoI's as we did 
(presumably accidentally) for the 2018 RfP - I remember that the number 
of votes pro Dar was at least one of the reasons for Bangkok to withdraw.
I suggest to vote on this.
Please vote on this until 8th of September (24h CET ;-))

One following up question:
The voting was performed by nominating one "vote collector" - right? 
Does anybody has a person in mind?


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