[OSGeo-Conf] Start 2019 RFP / Call for vote on "publishing LoIvotes"

stevenfeldman shfeldman at gmail.com
Mon Sep 4 07:39:17 PDT 2017

Sanghee said "Me too. +1 for not disclosing the vote numbers at any stage. "

My suggestion to publish LoI votes was based on the very low threshold for
inclusion in the next stage. If an LoI only needs 2 votes to go on to the
next stage we may be putting a team to a lot of work in preparing a full
proposal when they have little chance of being successful, hence my

We could also address this by requiring an LoI to receive at least 20% of
the votes cast by the committee at the first stage.

Re the final vote on proposals, I think it is helpful to those who have not
succeeded to understand how the voting worked.

In general we as a community prefer transparency, I am surprised that on
this important topic some would prefer the results of the conference
committee votes to remain a secret. I vote against this suggestion


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