[OSGeo-Conf] Call for vote on "publishing LoI votes"

Till Adams till.adams at fossgis.de
Tue Sep 12 04:34:18 PDT 2017


there was a second vote on the topic above. Here the result is much more
unclear and the discussion around this in the end was the cause for the
vote on the new voting system.

Regarding the replies I can't give a clear view on the voting results,
but at least there was one vote against - combined with a new proposal.
This BTW also led to the new voting system on LoI we have now (see my
email before).

In general I would say, that the establishment of the new voting system
leads to a new situation regarding the issue on whether we should
publish the voting results or not.

When we look at the situation last year, where we published the 2018
results accidentally and we had 9 or 10 votes on Dar and only 2 on
Bangkok, it is clear, that this embarrassed the Bangkok team.
The situation this year is different; we can have 60% thumbs up on team
A and 80%  thumbs up on team B, which in the end should not discourage
team A really (perhaps it even encourages them on working harder on
their proposal).

Regarding all this, I'd suggest to publish the final results of the LoI
vote - without publishing names and single votes of each CC member.

Any other opinions on that?


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