[OSGeo-Conf] FOSS4G 2020 - Halifax site causing confusion

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Thu Dec 5 06:34:15 PST 2019

On Thu, 5 Dec 2019 at 14:24, michael terner <ternergeo at gmail.com> wrote:

> Jonathan:
> Europe has a population of ~741 million people; Canada has a population 37
> million, and even with the USA counted the combined population is half of
> Europe (according to quick Google searches). And, for FOSS4G's the host
> country generally provides the largest proportion of delegates. It's not
> just distance, it's the number of people who can financially support an
> event. Last, and as pointed out earlier, North America has a history, i.e.,
> an longstanding, intentional precedent, of not having a N. American only
> event in the same year that the global event occurs in N. America. Indeed,
> many conference goers have budget limitations that make it hard to support
> two events. On the other hand, Europe, supported by its large, diverse
> population, has a long history of supporting both a global and regional
> event in the same year.
Actually, Europe has long had a policy of not running a regional event when
the international event is in Europe. So the UK tends to run its event in
the "on" years for people who can't make it all the way to the
international event and have no nearby regional event (or when the regional
event is a long way from the UK). The UK event is in no way comparable to a
large regional event, it tends to be around 100 people and only for 2 or 3

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