[OSGeo-Conf] FOSS4G MailChimp account

Vasile Craciunescu vasile at geo-spatial.org
Thu Jan 24 01:53:44 PST 2019

Dear colleagues,

I hope my email finds you well. I will like to ask your opinion on a 
item that can be associated with the Conference Committee. At least 
since Boston, the various LOC of FOSS4G global are using MaiChimp [1] 
for communication with potential participants, register participants and 
the sponsors. The account is passed from one LOC to another without any 
formal agreement. There are more than 5000 contacts subscribed to this 
channel, all past participants at FOSS4G international or FOSS4G-NA. All 
agreed to be subscribed and receive communication from OSGeo/LOCs 
regarding FOSS4G topics. Compliance with GDPR [2] is also assured.

My question to you if is not better to have OSGeo take over this account 
and provide access to FOSS4G LOC's. Why I'm saying this:

1. By having no formal way of handling this there is a chance to loose 
the account (lists, templates, campaigns reports, etc) in case of bad 
communication among the LOC's.

2. The account is not a big financial burden for the LOC (approx 
77$/month) but at transition time some glitches can occur. E.g. last 
year, Mark paid for 1-2 months from his pocket because BLOC was slow to 
react and replace his card in the account settings. This can be avoid if 
OSGeo take care of the account.

3. The account can be also used by the important regional FOSS4G events 
like FOSS4G-NA and FOSS4G-Europe. There are mechanism to have separate 
campaigns and target the subscribes geographically.

Of course, no LOC can be forced to use MailChimp for communication 
purposes. Is just an idea, in the context os OSGeo budget discussion, to 
make things easy for the future LOCs. What do you think?


[1] https://mailchimp.com
[2] https://eugdpr.org

Vasile Crăciunescu
geo-spatial.org: An elegant place for sharing geoKnowledge & geoData

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