[OSGeo-Conf] Applicaiton for your regional Event Travel Grant Programme (TGP) for 2019

Till Adams till.adams at fossgis.de
Mon Mar 25 06:43:10 PDT 2019

Dear OSGeo community,

- sorry for the delay in the procedure -

The board dedicated the OSGeo conference committee a budget for
supporting travel grant programmes for our global FOSS4G event, but also
for supporting regional FOSS4G events.

We will share the budget, so that one major part will support the global
FOSS4G event, but there is still budget, with which we want to support
regional events.

As we have no clue, how many regional events will apply for support, we,
OSGeo's Conference Committee (CC) decided to first *call for
applications*. Depending on the number of applications, we decide later
whether selection is necessary and how to select events to support. What
we do not want to have is a "first comes, first serves", because that
would favour events, that take place earlier in the year.

Applicants should email the CC list with the info requested at [1],
please send your application until 19th of April.

If possible, it would be great if you would also number the amount of
support that you would like to receive.

When we see how many applications we receive, we will then decide
whether CC needs to set up a basic set of requirements for decision.

Till and Steven for OSgeo's CC


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