[OSGeo-Conf] FOSS4GNA TGP Application

Jody Garnett jody.garnett at gmail.com
Mon Mar 25 13:45:53 PDT 2019

Let me be the first to respond, since our event is prior to the April 19th
deadline. With this in mind I request the conference committee review and
approve our application by April 5th in time to assist our attendees. We
will leave our call for applicants flexible to adjust the number of grants
available based on your positive response.

1. LOC will provide funding, have some sponsor interest and will promote

Initial budget is:
- $4000 LOC
- $3000 request from OSG TGP
- $3000 "planned" from additional sponsorship (but that is getting a bit
late now)

We can add a crowdfunding button to our TGP page and/or registration. It
will likely be a PayPal button going to OSGeo to keep things simple.

2. Full free conference passes will be made available to recipients.

Yes looking at the following (may be adjusted based on sponsorship):
- $0 grant, gratis ticket - aimed at local regions (primarily students)
- $250 grant, gratis ticket  and choice of gala or workshop ticket
- $1000 grant, gratis ticket  and choice of gala or workshop ticket

3. Estimate the anticipated number of grants and their size

- 10 x $0 grants
- 3-5 $1000 grants (depending on sponsorship response)
- 4-10 $250 grants (depending on sponsorship response)

Applications choose which grant to apply for, idea is to have more $250
grants available to encourage folks to apply to an appropriate amount they
can make work.

4. Set out the broad criteria

No priority applied, we are balancing the following:

- diversity (to keep from bias just a checkbox asking folks if they
identify as a minority visible or otherwise)
- assist those who could not other wise attend
- interested in geospatial student, professional enthusiast (those who can
apply what they learn about open source at the event to their activities)
- interested in open source community (those who can apply what they learn
about mapping at the event to their activities)
- interested in community building (those who can share their foss4g
- interested in supporting those who make our community happen (look for

This is written up better in our document.

5. Team of 2-3 seeking assistance of CC members to jump start the selection

Steven has offered to help, seeking an additional CC member to assist.

6. Accommodation options are listed on the website

We are refraining from recommending accommodation, website lists nearby
neighbourhoods for airbnb stays.

7. Outline how travel grants are paid

Following advice from OSGeo treasurer we will look to provide cash cards to
applicants upon registration at the event.

For additional details / discussion please see (live document so your
feedback welcome)


Jody Garnett
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