[OSGeo-Discuss] Economic impact of geospatial information on local economies?

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I would be very interested in your findings.  I am a geospatial person and I
sit on the economic development committee for my city and I recently gave a
presentation on OS Geo and Econ Dev and could not locate any useful


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Anyone know of any useful work on the potential of geospatial information
for local economic development (led)? Particularly for small town/rural
economies? The British context would be very useful.

I'd be interested in some pointers. The geospatial area has crept up on me
unawares over the last decade or so since I was actively engaged in LED, so
I know nothing of how it is used economically at this level. I suspect that
not many practitioners in local government or development agencies have much
of a clue either!

I used to "do" local economic development in an urban context (inner city
London) 20 odd years ago as a local politician, community activist and
co-perative developer (and environmental campaigner which informed
everything...), and then did a postgrad Planning degree specialising in
local economic development in the mid 90's, so have a pretty solid
foundation in theory and practice, though woefully out of date now. But now
that the kids are going to school next academic year and housedad gets some
freedom again...or as much as disability will allow :-(

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