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Tim Bowden tim.bowden at westnet.com.au
Tue Aug 1 02:29:21 PDT 2006

On Tue, 2006-08-01 at 09:25 +0200, Mateusz Loskot wrote:
> Dave Patton wrote:
> > map it out wrote:
> >> Hello group, It's my first posting here, and I would like some 
> >> input/ideas/collaboration on the development of an open source data
> >> collection application with GPS.

I've been lurking here for some time and this topic is enough to bring
me out of the woodwork.  I've been starting to look around for a
platform for a mobile app so what's going on here is just what I'm

As far as platform is concerned, my strong preference is to have a fully
FOSS stack.  As such, I have no interest in portability to windows etc
though I do understand that for some this may be essential.

> > 
> >> So, first I would like to know if people think this is a good idea
> > 
> > 
> > There has been lots of discussion and ideas about this, but it
> > strikes me that all of the "what OS/database/platform" discussions
> > may be premature.
> Dave,
> You're right.
> Simply, I see it as a kind of brainstorm with an euphory
> and enthusiasm :-)
> So, this is a general all-in-one discussion quite common on the very
> initial phase and we're trying to touch many aspects of the problem
> Certainly, we should focus on the key features brainstorm to prepare
> ourselve for wider discussion with users.
> But I think we should be aware of many possibilities and details (like
> remote or not remote db, Web-based app, standalone app, etc.) to help
> users to express their needs.
> > One approach would be to 'sit down' with some 'potential actual
> > users' (i.e. field personnel, not 'techies') to see what they want,
> > take their ideas, and, on paper, build the 'ideal system'. Then start
> > designing/coding.
> Definitely, agreed.
> I am sure you've touched very important problem: where to find potential
> users, how to discuss with them, plan of the survey, etc.
> If anyone could give some ideas on this subject, please do.

This would make a great BOF session at Lausanne.  Anyone interested?

> > A more practical approach might be to ignore the form factor
> > altogether for now, and build a 'prototype' using a laptop plus 'the
> > extra bits'. Don't worry for now if that means having to mount a
> > laptop plus a battery onto a backpack frame, and have 'a bunch of 
> > cables' to connect external devices such as a GPS receiver, camera,
> > compass, data logger, etc.
> Generally, prototyping seems to be the best way to succeed in such a
> kind of project. Laptop-based prototypes are much easier to start so I'd
> say this is a good idea.
> Bob, am I correct your idea about PC-based
> approach is similar to Dave's?
> > Having a working prototype, no matter how crude, would allow for
> > 'proof of concept' demonstrations, and I'm sure lots of people would
> > give useful feedback (beyond just "make it smaller"!) based on such a
> > prototype.
> That's a good idea.
> Thank you Dave for your valuable feedback!
> Best regards

Tim Bowden

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