[OSGeo-Discuss] Mobile GPS data collection...

Mateusz Loskot mateusz at loskot.net
Tue Aug 1 04:14:16 PDT 2006

Tim Bowden wrote:
> On Tue, 2006-08-01 at 09:25 +0200, Mateusz Loskot wrote:
>> Dave Patton wrote:
>>> map it out wrote:
>>>> Hello group, It's my first posting here, and I would like some 
>>>> input/ideas/collaboration on the development of an open source data
>>>> collection application with GPS.
> I've been lurking here for some time and this topic is enough to bring
> me out of the woodwork.  I've been starting to look around for a
> platform for a mobile app so what's going on here is just what I'm
> after.
> As far as platform is concerned, my strong preference is to have a fully
> FOSS stack. As such, I have no interest in portability to windows etc
> though I do understand that for some this may be essential.

As I said, I'm inclined to move on with Linux on PDA.
Windows CE and other platforms I put on the Wiki are just for discussion
purpose. But if our users survey will indicate that Windows CE-based
solution is mostly demanded, then I think we should consider it too.

Though, as Dave suggested, at the first stage/prototype it's not very
important to make up a final choice.

>>> One approach would be to 'sit down' with some 'potential actual
>>> users' (i.e. field personnel, not 'techies') to see what they want,
>>> take their ideas, and, on paper, build the 'ideal system'. Then start
>>> designing/coding.
>> Definitely, agreed.
>> I am sure you've touched very important problem: where to find potential
>> users, how to discuss with them, plan of the survey, etc.
>> If anyone could give some ideas on this subject, please do.
> This would make a great BOF session at Lausanne.  Anyone interested?

Yes, I'm interested.

Thank you!
Mateusz Loskot

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