Jody Garnett jgarnett at
Tue Aug 15 01:19:19 PDT 2006

Shorter, Cameron wrote:
> Jody,
> With regards to tiling for the client, Steven Ottens is currently
> incorporating tiling into Mapbuilder and has been coordinating to some
> extent with OpenLayers and Kamap.  They have an email list set up - can't
> remember what it is off the top of my head.
Indeed discussion about this email list, and the associated link was the 
motivation for the idea. Their
wiki page seems to revole around questions not decisions.  Justin wants 
an easy service to implement
for his GeoServer presentation, and setting up a uDig rendering workflow 
to make use of it is dead
easy.  The interesting question is where to find the the description of 
the tile breakdowns so requests
can be made in a manner that may be cached.

So I would rather implement something; and then talk with code and a 
profiler, rather then wade through
performance tradeoffs via email.  If Mr. Ottens has made some decisions 
so much the better, if not we can
make some and compare notes & performance.

I did think it may be fun to have something to talk shop over at FOSS4G 
and Justin and I have managed to work
with the other projects mentioned (yet). It would be interesting to see 
if building a standards in code is a good
way to start things off.


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