[OSGeo-Discuss] Packaging an Integrated Geospatial Stack

Shorter, Cameron cameron.shorter at adi-limited.com
Wed Aug 16 17:33:50 PDT 2006

Your wiki is an excellent start.
I think the next step is:

1. Define specific user use cases for GIS software.
Eg: A user has a shapefile and they want to display it to the public over
the web using a basemap provided by someone else (eg Google).
Ideally, we can get some users to help define the use cases, then fund the
Geospatial Stack project.

2. Identify a set of milestones for the software stack.
Eg: Release 1:
* Postgis database
* Geoserver/Mapserver WMS/WFS
* Mapbuilder/Mapbender WMS/WFS client

Release 2:
Release 3: ...

3. Identify target platform and distribution medium.
Eg: Ubuntu linux, get incorporated into the core Ubuntu linux distribution.

4. Create a distribution project
I think the distribution project should be treated in a similar manner to
the other participating projects. It should contain email lists, bug
trackers, Project Steering Committee etc.

5. Build the Release Stacks

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> Cameron Shorter wrote:
> > * It is still early, and we don't have our software stack in place, 
> > but I think our end goal should be to provide value to the end user.
> > An end user will want to easilly deploy a quality 
> Geospatial Software 
> > Stack.
> > We are addressing quality through our incubation process.
> > However, I'm not aware of anyone within OSGeo addressing 
> packaging of 
> > an integrated Geospatial stack.
> Cameron,
> Distributing an integrated stack of software to end users has 
> been identified as an important goal for the foundation, and 
> we have agreed about this at the board level.  However, it is 
> not yet clear how to move forward on this very important point.
> I've prepared a few preliminary thoughts of my own at:
>    http://wiki.osgeo.org/index.php/OSGeo_Binary_Distribution
> I'm interested in ideas on how we might bootstrap such an 
> effort.  There is a very real possibility of some degree of 
> funding for the work, though no doubt we will also need a 
> fair amount of volunteer effort to make this really work.
> If there was a person or people with an interest in a large 
> involvement in such an effort, I would be happy to help get 
> things setup and moving a bit.
> But I've deliberately avoided assuming a leadership role on 
> such an effort because I am feeling quite overextended already.
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