[OSGeo-Discuss] Packaging an Integrated Geospatial Stack

Venkatesh Raghavan raghavan at media.osaka-cu.ac.jp
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Had mentioned this in the discuss list before.
FOSS4G Toolkit ISO-Image can be downloaded from 

You can directly download the ISO-Image from

Hope the ISO-CD can be uploaded to other sites (OSGEO)
so as save our bandwidth.

The CD includes GRASS-GIS, MapServer, GDAL, OSSIM, QGIS,
PostGIS, Mapbuilder, Mapbender, Cartoweb, Appformap,
kaMap, Worldkit, Plone, PrimaGIS and also some GPS related
RRM packages. A simple (crude but it works) installer
that can be run to install all RPM packages and necessary
tools libraries for compiling packages like GRASS (5.0.3 and
6.0.2), Qgis (0.74), GDAL1.3.1, PostGIS, Mapserver etc.

The FOSS4G ISO-Image was developed and tested on Mandriva Linux
2006. The Download edition of Mandriva 2006 has to be obtained
(http://wwwnew.mandriva.com/en/downloads/mirrors/2006) and
installed before installing the FOSS4G CD.

Mapserver demos (data demos included in the CD) have been tested
with Mapserver4.6.2. We faced some problems while testing with
Mapserver4.8.2 especially with applications like AppforMap and
MapLab2.2 (with PHP5.04).
Hope someone could test the demos with Mapserver4.8.2 and
suggest fixes.

ossim_1.6.4 and ossim_qt1.6.4 rpm and srpm are included.
ossim_plugin-1.6.4 could not be properly RPM packaged.
We have also not tried to package the osgplanet-1.6.4 and
related stuff.

Amongst the OSGEO software projects, the CD contains all packages
expect GeoTools and MapGuide OS. Maybe in future release we can
include them too.

Most of the remaining problems are due to our limited knowledge.
We would be happy to have if the CD could be tested and improved.

RPM can be tested for other distributions too..



Shorter, Cameron wrote:
> It looks like http://pkg-grass.alioth.debian.org/cgi-bin/wiki.pl
> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuGIS are already doing a good job packaging GIS
> for the debian/ubuntu platform.
> We should ask them to consider joining the OSGeo Foundation.
> The Debian/Ubuntu GIS packaging could then be used to bootstrap a
> multi-platform Distribution project.
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>> Shorter, Cameron wrote:
>>> Frank,
>>> Your wiki is an excellent start.
>>> I think the next step is:
>> Cameron,
>> I'd add a point zero in this list which is get someone 
>> involved to lead the effort (at least for a while).
>>> 1. Define specific user use cases for GIS software.
>>> Eg: A user has a shapefile and they want to display it to 
>> the public 
>>> over the web using a basemap provided by someone else (eg Google).
>>> Ideally, we can get some users to help define the use 
>> cases, then fund 
>>> the Geospatial Stack project.
>> I see two general user categories:
>>   1) desktop user, data visualization, analysis, etc.
>>   2) web application developer
>> Given the nature of our project set, I suspect I'd target the 
>> web application developer first.  But I think the goal is to 
>> include as many OSGeo projects as are practical rather than 
>> just target a specific user need.
>>> 2. Identify a set of milestones for the software stack.
>>> Eg: Release 1:
>>> * Postgis database
>>> * Geoserver/Mapserver WMS/WFS
>>> * Mapbuilder/Mapbender WMS/WFS client
>>> Release 2:
>>> Release 3: ...
>>> 3. Identify target platform and distribution medium.
>>> Eg: Ubuntu linux, get incorporated into the core Ubuntu 
>> linux distribution.
>> I have taken the position so far that on linux we should be 
>> delivering a distribution agnostic software suite rather than 
>> trying to produce stuff for each distribution.  For 
>> distribution "integrated" solutions, I would suggest 
>> supporting existing efforts (such as the Debian GIS effort) 
>> but what I invisage from OSGeo is an "all included" suite 
>> that won't suffer from package dependency hell, as I've seen 
>> with some many other efforts.  In this regard, I see the 
>> effort being more like FGS or FWTools than like Debian GIS or 
>> various efforts to provide specific RPMs for particular 
>> versions of redhat/fedoracore.
>> On windows I would also aim for an all-included approach 
>> without people having to separately download and install components.
>>> 4. Create a distribution project
>>> I think the distribution project should be treated in a 
>> similar manner 
>>> to the other participating projects. It should contain email lists, 
>>> bug trackers, Project Steering Committee etc.
>> I'd agree to a degree.  I'm not so sure it should go through 
>> incubation.
>> Or if it does, we can expect it to sit in incubation for 
>> quite some time till it developers a community.  Actually, it 
>> sitting in incubation for quite a while wouldn't be a terrible thing.
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