[OSGeo-Discuss] OSGeo: Taking stock of OSGeo after six months

Kralidis,Tom [Burlington] Tom.Kralidis at ec.gc.ca
Thu Aug 17 07:24:25 PDT 2006

> Arnulf Christl wrote:
> >> - procedures, could not quickly find out how to announce a recent 
> >> release (I am sure it is my fault but still)
> > 
> > We (Mapbender) post it to the announce list of the CN project 
> > environment - but I dunno where that ends up... There is 
> the news-list 
> > and we have news editors (FrankW and zool) and proceedings 
> are in the Wiki.
> > http://wiki.osgeo.org/index.php/News_Queue
> > 
> > Any suggestions where to better place this? Category: internal 
> > information dissemination. Currently we have this:
> > http://wiki.osgeo.org/index.php/On_The_News_Queue
> > But it is only linked from the above page. If you are quick add the 
> > suggestion to the VisCom meeting agenda.
> Folks,
> If you click on the News item in the left column of the 
> www.osgeo.org page, it should take you to an archive of news 
> items.  Included at this top of this is a link to a page on 
> submitting news item.  Basically just email them to 
> news_item at osgeo.org and Jo Walsh or I as news editors will 
> work on getting them on the news page as appropriate.
> Note, this process is relatively new (just operating for a 
> few weeks).  I'd also be keen on having someone new take my 
> position as News Editor.  It's a pretty easy task for someone 
> interested in contributing taking over without having to know 
> all the others of details of what is going on.
> I'll also try and add an item on the FAQ about submitting news items.

I think one thing that would really be useful is for OSGEO to publish
RSS (well, GeoRSS, really :) ).  We'd have to figure out how to break
these down (if we need more than one, etc.), but having syndication
would be really useful.


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