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I was asked to pass this on to folks that might be interested in
participating. I'm interested to hear what people think about SAXTA. 


If you have questions about SAXTA or the Go Live December event please
contact saxtahelp at ssaihq.com. 





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Subject: The SAXTA Go Live December 2006 Launch


Dear Colleague,

I would like to solicit your participation in an innovative data-sharing

The University of Maryland (Chris Justice P.I.) and SSAI have developed a
new open network for Landsat and ASTER data exchange, based on a
peer-to-peer architecture. The network is empowered by software we have
developed known as SAXTA (for SAtellite jXTA). The software allows for
discovery and free distribution of satellite data over the web. It leverages
new developments in Java and XML technology for the benefit of the

We invite you to participate in the SAXTA Go Live December 2006 launch by
joining the SAXTA data dissemination network this month. You have been
identified as a participant based on you previous expressions of interest
and/or suggestions from Chris. The software can be downloaded from the
project web site http://Saxta.geog.umd.edu. The installation instructions
are attached. We are soliciting users that are willing to maintain their
data collections online on a persistent basis. The host machine must remain
on. If you feel that you don't have the hardware resources necessary, please
contact us, we will do our best to provide you with additional hardware.

For the SAXTA Go Live December 2006 exercise, we would like you to download
the software, join the network, and share your Landsat 7, Landsat Ortho, or
ASTER L1A or L1B scenes. We also request that you use the "Search for Data"
and "Download Data" features. The objective of this experiment is to use the
release to gather further user feedback. 

This project is sponsored by NASA's Applied Science Division, which
encourages the exchange of Landsat and ASTER data within the science and
education communities. The basis is the Open Data Policy
(http://globalchange.gov/policies/agency/nasa.html) and the ASTER Data
Redistribution Policy

The software can be downloaded from http://Saxta.geog.umd.edu. The software
installation instructions are below. We estimate that installation of the
software and sharing of your data can be done in less than 30 minutes. For
the launch to be successful, the application needs to be left running
continuously. For support questions, send email to saxtahelp at ssaihq.com. The
software currently supports ASTER L1A and L1B in HDF-EOS format, Landsat
Ortho in Geotiff format, and Landsat 7 data in FAST, NLAPS, and MTL format.

We appreciate your participation in the SAXTA Go Live December 2006 launch,
and ask you to provide us with your evaluation and feedback by email. In
order to maximize the value of this launch, we would invite you to
participate beginning now and extending for the next year. This will allow
us to evaluate the system with a significant number of simultaneous
persistent users. 

If you have any problems using the system or suggestions as how to improve
our service, please feel free to contact me directly (301) 867-6260 or at
the helpdesk at SaxtaHelp at ssaihq.com. Please feel free to pass this message
on to your colleagues who may be interested. 


Timothy Gubbels

Bruno Margerin




SaxtaHelp at ssaihq.com

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