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Welcome to OSGeo. 

Would you be willing to help set up this chapter that covers the entire Central Valley (Sacramento/Stockton to Bakersfield)?



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I’ve just subscribed to the mailing list.


I work as a Land Surveyor in Stockton, California. I also work as a project administrator and developer for the SurveyOS Project and the JUMP Pilot Project. Most of my volunteer work revolves around the open source GIS program OpenJUMP. I’m an advocate of the open source development model, open technology standards, and especially open source GIS. 


I checked out the Volunteers Needed page, and think I might be able to help on a limited basis with the Core Cirriculum Project. At any rate, it is an area that I’m interested in. I’d love to explore the possibility of a basic apprenticeship or certification program built from public data, “free” materials/documentation, and open source GIS software. 


I’m also planning a local GIS user group for GIS users in my region. The main goal of the group will be to promote data sharing among members. I’ve got some ideas about what you could call “community mapping” that I’d like to experiment with. I want to see if it would be possible to apply the principles of open source software projects to cooperative mapping efforts. It will take me a few months to get this all the way off of the ground, but it might have potential as an OSGeo chapter.



Landon Blake (A.K.A. – The Sunburned Surveyor)

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