[OSGeo-Discuss] Enterprise OSDB for OSGIS

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Tue Dec 12 03:37:41 PST 2006

chenrg at lreis.ac.cn wrote:
> Thank you very much, Frank, PostGIS is very promising. We've tested it with
> ArcSDE and Oracle Spatial. Its spatial query performance is equivalent to
> ArcSDE, and much better than Oracle Spatial. Its spatial processing (such as
> intersection, union) performance is better than Oracle Spatial, but has a
> big gap comparing to ArcSDE due to the GEOS's poor performance.

Prof. Chen,

Yes, it is very important to avoid having to process too many geometries
through GEOS if you want speedy performance.  Often some "pre screening"
with a BBOX query can dramatically reduce the number of geometries that need
to go through GEOS geometry tests.

> (The test
> showed that GRASS is very good at spatial processing).  We're considering to
> propose a new benchmark for spatial DBMS (The Sequoia 2000 and Paradise
> benchmark are quite old ones). The effectiveness of the benchmark will be
> demonstrated using a variety of spatial queries over a 10-100GB spatial data
> in five example DBMSs including the commercial ones such as Oracle Spatial,
> IBM DB2 Spatial extender and ESRI ArcSDE and the open source ones such as
> PostGIS/PostgreSQL and MySQL Spatial extensions. And we have plan to do some
> DBMS benchmark (TPC-C and AS3AP) tests. The targets will be Oracle, Ingres,
> PostgreSQL, MySQL, MaxDB and Firebird in Linux. 

Some reasonable benchmarks would be interesting, though as Paul points out
the specific selection of benchmarks, and the need for knowledgable tuning
of each database makes it hard to produce meaningful benchmark results.
I must confess to not being very knowledgable about good benchmarking

 > The tools'll include
> Benchmark Factory for Databases from Quest(www.quest.com) and the ODBC
> Driver from OpenLink (www.openlinksw.com). If PostgreSQL + PostGIS performs
> well, we'll carry through our GRIDGIS project based on it.

Is there a project page in English on the GRIDGIS project?  I've heard of
some great work going on at your site, and would love to learn more, and to
understand how it fits in with other ongoing developments.

Best regards,
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