[OSGeo-Discuss] Enterprise OSDB for OSGIS

chenrg at lreis.ac.cn chenrg at lreis.ac.cn
Tue Dec 12 15:56:43 PST 2006

> arnulf.christl at ccgis.de wrote:
>please be aware that the use of the term "commercial" is not opposed to
> "Open Source", in fact all Open Source software can and is also used in
> commercial enterprises and environments. The correct terms to
> differentiate the development methodology are "Open" vs. "closed" source
> and with respect to licensing "Free" vs. "proprietary". Sorry to be
> insistent on this but we have to be clear on this definition else our
> precious Open Source software might appear to not be useful in a
> commercial context which is not true.
> Best regards and I am looking forward to your ambitious benchmarking,
> Arnulf.

Thank you for pointing out my mistake. We bought enterprise version QT in 2004, which's also opensourced. The Open Source software will be "commercial" more and more, especially for the services.

Best regards


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