[OSGeo-Discuss] Open Source GIS and accessing various special needs populations.

Mike Saunt mikesaunt at astuntechnology.com
Mon Dec 18 13:30:41 PST 2006

Hi David

We use UMN MapServer here in the UK and have a number of authorities using
it in earnest.  We have a solution specific to their needs called iShareMaps
- it has a map portal (normal web mapping) and also My House.  My House
enables people to simply put their address in and MapServer then queries
lots of layers and returns the results - find nearest, point in polygon etc.

The My House is accessible via Text Browsers and a like and therefore meets
a lot of accessibility guidelines.

Here is a link that someone else mentioned our stuff last Friday!!



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Alright folks,

Do you have your thinking caps on?

I'm looking for examples applications, companies and organizations using
open source GIS to help enable special need populations.

For example, a GIS/GPS guided walking cane for the visually impaired.

Web mapping applications to connect special needs populations to

Devices that allow these populations to gather and digest GIS info, like
Braille readers / interpreters

Just interested in what the open source world is working on.


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