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Wed Jun 14 15:04:49 PDT 2006

Perhaps of some relevance to people hereabouts? I like the idea of a
spherical projection, never heard of one before. Are there any

<snip> "Circling the big glowing ball that hovers in the middle of the
room, you feel like a giant alien casually strolling through the solar

You watch the distant Earth, turning slowly as the white puff that is
Hurricane Katrina slides into the Gulf of Mexico. Then the sphere morphs
into Mars; the largest volcano in the solar system, Olympus Mons, moves
into view from a far horizon. Then it becomes Jupiter, with its swirling
atmospheric bands and turbulent red spot.

The display is Science on a Sphere, a pioneering system for presenting
planetary portraits gathered from satellites and other spacecraft.
Essentially a spherical movie screen of white fiberglass, six feet in
diameter, it displays video images from four computer-controlled

"It's a unique way of showing planetary data sets that makes them come
alive..."" <snip>

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