Where 2.0 was a great success to all of us

Arnulf Christl arnulf.christl at ccgis.de
Thu Jun 15 06:33:14 PDT 2006

On Thu, June 15, 2006 08:56, Rich Gibson wrote:
> I agree with Gary.  It was a great conference.  It was fun to see
> everyone.
> Cheers,
> Rich

Tweaked the subject a little. A many thanx to all of you, it was good fun
and I do believe we spread the word good.

But every good event needs a good rant. What still gets me wondering is
the recurring mentioning of API hacks and mashups (next time I hear
someone say 'mashup' I will have to literally smash him up...). I don't
know, first Google gives us a headache by reinventing the pre generated
tiled maps (that was ten years ago - gosh am I that old already). Way cool
- not a big trick really with that massive hardware power in the rear end,
but that was last year. Now they all provide threemillion high level APIs
- which ten years ago I learned the hard way will surely break everytime
the developer farts out another third decimal version number of the
software. Why are people doing this to us? Trying to fight

And then - Create and Share, Create and Share, Create and Share until you
ralph sixthousand billion terabits of data and blurred pictures - but hey 
- with lon/lat attached! So the mess gets spread systematically accross
the face of this poor virtual earth. This is applied information pollution
at its best. Please God, make that hard disks and bandwidth shrink again.

What really impressed me was Worldwind - OK they still have to move to an
operating system but what they did really looked like a cool tool (or was
my headache still confusing me?).

Any bets for what is up next year?

Best regards,

> On 6/14/06, Gary Lang <gary.lang at autodesk.com> wrote:
>>  To those who came to Where 2.0,
>> I must say, I think that OSGeo made quite an impression on almost
>> everyone
>> at Where 2.0. Everybody was talking about it, our booth was consistently
>> crowded, lots of people were talking about it and by the end of the
>> second
>> day there wasn't a single person I encountered who didn't either
>> understand
>> what OSGeo was about or express great interest in knowing more about it.
>> Since I always enjoy working with smart people who do good work it
>> probably goes without saying, but I will say it anyway: I enjoyed
>> working
>> with many of you face-to-face over the past few days.
>> Gary
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Arnulf Christl

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