[OSGeo-Discuss] Where 2.0 was a great success to all of us

pspencer at dmsolutions.ca pspencer at dmsolutions.ca
Thu Jun 15 11:39:31 PDT 2006

... or crashups as Nat named them for winxp :)

I agree with the spatial spam ...

re Google, my take is that they have made maps a household name and we
benefit from that as a community.  I think it could be that OSGeo wouldn't
have happened when it did without Google's influence (I think it still
would have happened, but it would have taken longer)


> On Thu, June 15, 2006 08:56, Rich Gibson wrote:
>> I agree with Gary.  It was a great conference.  It was fun to see
>> everyone.
>> Cheers,
>> Rich
> Tweaked the subject a little. A many thanx to all of you, it was good fun
> and I do believe we spread the word good.
> But every good event needs a good rant. What still gets me wondering is
> the recurring mentioning of API hacks and mashups (next time I hear
> someone say 'mashup' I will have to literally smash him up...). I don't
> know, first Google gives us a headache by reinventing the pre generated
> tiled maps (that was ten years ago - gosh am I that old already). Way cool
> - not a big trick really with that massive hardware power in the rear end,
> but that was last year. Now they all provide threemillion high level APIs
> - which ten years ago I learned the hard way will surely break everytime
> the developer farts out another third decimal version number of the
> software. Why are people doing this to us? Trying to fight
> underemployment?
> And then - Create and Share, Create and Share, Create and Share until you
> ralph sixthousand billion terabits of data and blurred pictures - but hey
> - with lon/lat attached! So the mess gets spread systematically accross
> the face of this poor virtual earth. This is applied information pollution
> at its best. Please God, make that hard disks and bandwidth shrink again.
> What really impressed me was Worldwind - OK they still have to move to an
> operating system but what they did really looked like a cool tool (or was
> my headache still confusing me?).
> Any bets for what is up next year?
> Best regards,
> Arnulf.
>> On 6/14/06, Gary Lang <gary.lang at autodesk.com> wrote:
>>>  To those who came to Where 2.0,
>>> I must say, I think that OSGeo made quite an impression on almost
>>> everyone
>>> at Where 2.0. Everybody was talking about it, our booth was
>>> consistently
>>> crowded, lots of people were talking about it and by the end of the
>>> second
>>> day there wasn't a single person I encountered who didn't either
>>> understand
>>> what OSGeo was about or express great interest in knowing more about
>>> it.
>>> Since I always enjoy working with smart people who do good work it
>>> probably goes without saying, but I will say it anyway: I enjoyed
>>> working
>>> with many of you face-to-face over the past few days.
>>> Gary
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