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I would like to nominate Mark Lucas for the OSGeo board.

Mark has been a supporter of Open Source for many years, and launched
the RemoteSensing.org portal back in 1999 or so.  For me, the facilities
and community focus it provided was pivotal in launch of GDAL.  Mark
also launched the OSSIM project and held together his team after they
migrated out of ImageLinks.  Mark has good contacts in the US federal
government, and is helping to bring open source methodologies into some
groups there.

Also telling was a comment Mark made in the Chicago meeting.  He stressed
that we were all there because we wanted to find a way of making what
we love to do (writing/using open source geospatial software) sustainable.
I think he has the organizational smarts, contacts, enthusiasm and
perseverance to held us accomplish that as a foundation.

Best regards,
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