Nomination for Board: Ned Horning

Tyler Mitchell tylermitchell at
Mon Mar 13 19:16:57 PST 2006

Ned works in the Center for Biodiversity and Conservation for the American 
Museum of Natural History ( as program manager for 
remote sensing and GIS. He is an active promoter of open source geospatial 
tools in the global conservation community, including the development of 
teaching materials using these tools.  He sees the bigger picture from an 
end-user perspective and has plenty of ideas for how he would like to see 
them come together for the greater good.  I believe more of this perspective 
would be valuable to have on the board and help ensure that the overall 
direction of the foundation is geared toward productive end use of our 
products.  He is active in the conservation domain which has great need for 
OSGeo tools.  He is a likable guy and easy to get along with - his vision and 
enthusiasm are encouraging.  He is doing some great stuff...

For further background I quote Gary Geller's nomination for Ned from

...Ned is the Remote Sensing and GIS Program Manager for the American Museum 
of Natural History’s Center for Biodiversity Conservation (CBC). He has 
explicitly included the development and promotion of open source geospatial 
software in his work plan to have the necessary institutional support to 
continue to support this work as part of his professional duties. 
 He has been closely following free and open source geospatial software 
development for over 10 years and has actively participated in a number of 
projects: Currently funding feature development for OpenEV. Added geospatial 
capabilities to NIH Image to support a NASA education project – A Mac 
application that has since been superseded by ImageJ. 
 Participated in the NASA Image2000 software project that was eventually going 
to be released to the open source community although the funding plug got 
pulled and the project abruptly stopped. Secured money for QGIS development 
starting in the spring of 2006. Teaches week-long remote sensing courses 
using only free and open source software.

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