Board nominations close tomorrow

Chris Holmes cholmes at
Mon Mar 13 16:43:37 PST 2006

Hey all, just a warning that board nominations close tomorrow (for most 
of us):

The nomination period will last until Tuesday, March 14th at 15:00 UTC 
for the time in your country)

So far we've got 7 great candidates:

Jody Garnett
Michael Gerleck
Mark Lucas
Dave McIlhagga
Helena Mitasova
Dr. Venkatesh Raghavan
Jo Walsh

If you have an additional nominee, please confirm with them and get them 
in soon.  And if you have any information or support of the current 
nominees, as to why they'd be a good leader on the board, don't hesitate 
to reply to their nomination original posting on the discuss list.  I 
will compile the discussion from the list on the final ballot.

best regards,

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