[OSGeo-Discuss] a question about speaking out for, or as part of, the Foundation

Markus Neteler neteler.osgeo at gmail.com
Tue Mar 14 10:08:13 PST 2006


On 3/14/06, Jo Walsh <jo at frot.org> wrote:
> dear osgeo discussion,
> http://publicgeodata.org is a campaign i've been working on with
> Benjamin Henrion, with support from Rufus Pollock of the
> Open Knowledge Foundation, to raise awareness about the upcoming
> INSPIRE directive establishing a european spatial data infrastructure.
> This week, hopefully Wednesday, we are sending an open letter to the
> MEPs who sit on the Environment committee which is voting on a whole
> raft of "intellectual property rights" amendments to the legislation
> on the 21st, to go forward to the Parliament in May or June.
> http://intevation.de/pipermail/freegis-list/2006-March/002799.html is
> a recent braindump; http://publicgeodata.org/Open_Letter is the latest
> draft of the letter we are planning to send.
> MarkusN wrote us a really great statement of support from OSGeo,
> to put on the campaign website, and i heard it was discussed and
> formally approved of at the last board meeting:
> http://wiki.osgeo.org/index.php/Statement_support_publicgeodata
> Representative entities listen to messages more attentively if they
> come from formalised organisations, that is a token that the message
> comes from a broad grouping. The more affiliations that are attached
> to the open letter, the better.
> I would absolutely love to persuade Markus to sign the Open Letter as
> well, on behalf of OSGeo, as a resonant-sounding organisation.

how stable is the letter?
Is it "Latest Version, v2" which you want me to sign?

I want to send a motion to the BoD but need to know to which
document to refer to...


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