[OSGeo-Discuss] Which is "best" Mapinfo "substitute"??

Jody Garnett jgarnett at refractions.net
Thu Mar 30 05:16:42 PST 2006

M.Blackmore wrote:
> I really need someone to give me an educated walk through of what the
> realities are of proposing a shift of an organisation to an open source,
> all staff and volunteers with access to a GIS on their 'pooters etc.
> (don't worry about maintaining data compliance yet, we'll have to build
> in entry policies etc. later).
Although not a hopeful outlook please review the discussion here:

The Miles project invited many of the open source members together to 
answer your question. In particular reviewing the papers
produced is worthwhile.
> Incidentally, if anyone has a copy of Schuyler et als intro book on GIS
> I could borrow/have as a donation, I'd be most grateful. 25 quid is a
> lot to pay when one is a family on a single half-time income :-( So if
> anyone has a copy on their bookshelf they've grown out of, this newbie
> would be very happy to make use of it!

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