[OSGeo-Discuss] Which is "best" Mapinfo "substitute"??

Patricia Mergen p_mergen at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 30 06:26:39 PST 2006

Dear colleagues
 For OpenSource desktop GIS systhems, I have  recentily used Diva-GIS (http://www.diva-gis.org/) and Quatum-GIS  (http://qgis.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=24&Itemid=66)  
  Depending on what your needs are they can be very useful, they are  rather user-friendly and good user-guides and totorials exist.
  For a more elaborated system check Deegree (http://deegree.sourceforge.net/)
  In using OpenSource GIS  tools we did experience that  there  are now quite good systems. The problem lies more in the access to good  and free maps/layers and georeferenced data, especially for the  European Continent as opposed for the US where you can find quite good  free stuff.
  Best regards
  Patricia Mergen 
  Best regards
  Patricia Mergen

Jody Garnett <jgarnett at refractions.net> wrote:  M.Blackmore wrote:
> I really need someone to give me an educated walk through of what the
> realities are of proposing a shift of an organisation to an open source,
> all staff and volunteers with access to a GIS on their 'pooters etc.
> (don't worry about maintaining data compliance yet, we'll have to build
> in entry policies etc. later).
Although not a hopeful outlook please review the discussion here:

The Miles project invited many of the open source members together to 
answer your question. In particular reviewing the papers
produced is worthwhile.
> Incidentally, if anyone has a copy of Schuyler et als intro book on GIS
> I could borrow/have as a donation, I'd be most grateful. 25 quid is a
> lot to pay when one is a family on a single half-time income :-( So if
> anyone has a copy on their bookshelf they've grown out of, this newbie
> would be very happy to make use of it!

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