[OSGeo-Discuss] date format

Charles Stover cstover at cityofhuntington.com
Thu May 11 06:11:36 PDT 2006

Whereas, I'm from the US and am totally at home with the month/day/year 
format, I run into much confusion when communicating with online 
strangers where I don't know what format they are using.  The Aussie 
format is more logical than ours in that it has a direction, a flow, 
from fine to coarse.  I, too, would like to recommend a change, but, not 
from one local idiosyncrasy to another (LARGE localities, to be sure).  
I would like to see everything go ISO, eventually.  It also has a flow, 
just in the opposite direction, from coarse to fine.  It has the added 
advantage of requiring no punctuation as long as the fields are padded 
with zeros.  It can include time intervals down to the second or 
fraction thereof.  For me, right now is 8:51:10 am on May 11, 2006. It 
can be expressed as 20060511085110.  (I don't know how ISO handles 
decimal notation for parts of a second.)  Just the date, 20060511.  
Punctuation makes it an easier read, but, isn't necessary.  2006-05-11.  
See?  The format will work until the year 10,000.
Check it out at
Best Wishes,
Charlie Stover

nicholas.g.lawrence at mainroads.qld.gov.au wrote:

>I'm looking at www.osgeo.org, and all the entries in "current news" are
>This is good, but the date stamps are in the month/day/year format.
>Being Australian, I'm accustomed to a day/month/year format.
>Is it possible to represent the month with a word, instead of a number?
>Nick Lawrence
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