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On 5/11/06, Charles Stover <cstover at cityofhuntington.com> wrote:
> Whereas, I'm from the US and am totally at home with the month/day/year
> format, I run into much confusion when communicating with online
> strangers where I don't know what format they are using.  The Aussie
> format is more logical than ours in that it has a direction, a flow,
> from fine to coarse.  I, too, would like to recommend a change, but, not
> from one local idiosyncrasy to another (LARGE localities, to be sure).
> I would like to see everything go ISO, eventually.  It also has a flow,
> just in the opposite direction, from coarse to fine.  It has the added
> advantage of requiring no punctuation as long as the fields are padded
> with zeros.  It can include time intervals down to the second or
> fraction thereof.  For me, right now is 8:51:10 am on May 11, 2006. It
> can be expressed as 20060511085110.  (I don't know how ISO handles
> decimal notation for parts of a second.)  Just the date, 20060511.
> Punctuation makes it an easier read, but, isn't necessary.  2006-05-11.
> See?  The format will work until the year 10,000.
> Check it out at
> http://www.itsmarc.com/crs/arch0854.htm
> Best Wishes,
> Charlie Stover
> nicholas.g.lawrence at mainroads.qld.gov.au wrote:
> >I'm looking at www.osgeo.org, and all the entries in "current news" are
> >date-stamped.
> >
> >This is good, but the date stamps are in the month/day/year format.
> >Being Australian, I'm accustomed to a day/month/year format.
> >
> >Is it possible to represent the month with a word, instead of a number?
> >
> >Regards,
> >Nick Lawrence
> >
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Original British is the best logical,first you want to what date? month next
and the year 2006. Standard procedure is 11/5/2006. It's very clear
understandable too, you must make an ISO.

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