OSGeo shirts -- 2nd tranche -- new/extended offer!

Michael P. Gerlek mpg at lizardtech.com
Sat May 27 05:39:08 PDT 2006

> Now EVERYONE can get one!

I've gotten a couple questions already, so let me define the term

This offer is really just for currently active OSGeo people.  You need
not be an elected Member, but it is assumed you are someone helping out
the Foundation in some way (involved in a project, active on the mailing
lists or wiki, etc).

We will be selling shirt as a fund-raising effort in the coming months,
which will be for the whole GIS world and will hopefully get us a little
cash.  This offer isn't that one; this one just gets OSGeo some goodwill
and visibility.

  who is beginning to wish he'd never even suggested this whole shirt
idea... :-)

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