[OSGeo-Discuss] Creating a new "local-osgeo-chapter"

Dave Patton dpatton at confluence.org
Mon May 29 20:54:23 PDT 2006

Gary Lang wrote:
> I would go a bit further than this and say that local groups need to be
> using our infrastructure and work with our community manager to make
> sure that whatever local activities occur are consonant with the charter
> of OSGeo and do not use the OSGeo name for activities outside the scope
> of OSGeo. 
> So I would do more than encourage those who want to do this to submit a
> proposal to the board, it should be a requirement, with some ongoing
> oversight by OSGeo governance built into the process.

Perhaps the formation of an 'local' "OSGeo Interest Group"
could be part of the process of forming an OSGeo chapter/branch?

For example, maybe a small number of interested & motivated
individuals think a 'local OSGeo chapter/branch' would be
a good idea. However, maybe there isn't a current 'critical
mass' in that local area to be able to sustain meaningful
ongoing activity. Or, maybe those individuals need the
'branding' of OSGeo in order to be able to successfully
market their idea for a local chapter/branch.

It would be too bad to do the work of forming a local chapter/
branch, only to find that it won't work out, and it would be
too bad for a local group to fail due to lack of 'branding'.

What about something along these lines:
The Web Committee establishes the guidelines/requirements
for things like the email list addresses/naming and wiki
page naming for use by "local interest groups".
I'm thinking that this needs to be done in a manner that
allows such lists/addresses/URLs to remain unchanged if the
"local interest group" turns into a "local chapter/branch".
There is a minimal set of "rules" for the formation of a
"local interest group". Perhaps there would need to be
a disclaimer that could be required to be used whenever
the local interest group uses the OSGeo logo. I'm thinking
of something that allows that "small number of interested
& motivated individuals" to form a group, be able to use
the OSGeo logo for 'branding', be able to use the community
tools, and yet doesn't put any(or very little) burden on
the board, etc.
To form a "local chapter/branch", it could be a requirement
to first establish a "local interest group", and be able to
demonstrate to the board that there is sufficient interest.

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