OSGeo Face to Face Meetings preceeding FOSS4G

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Sun Sep 3 12:51:35 PDT 2006


On Monday September 11th, the OSGeo board is planning to hold face to face
meetings in Lausanne Switzerland.  The meetings will be in a meeting room
on the campus of he Swiss Federal Institute of Technology ( EPFL ) and
the University of Lausanne ( UNIL ).  That is, the same facilities used
later in the week for the FOSS4G conference.

There will be a focused working meeting in the morning with the OSGeo
board and various active individuals.  However, we would like to open the
afternoon to anyone who is interested in attending for a more general
purpose session.  This will include brainstorming, feedback from the
community at large, and break-away groups to discuss specific topics.

I'm not exactly sure how much room we will have available, space permitting
anyone and everyone is welcome.

Some rough plans for the face to face meeting are available in the wiki at:


Currently the specific room is not listed there, but I will look into getting
it listed on the wiki in the next couple days.

So, anyone with an interest in OSGeo who will be in Lausanne the afternoon
preceeding the conference is encouraged to attend the informal afternoon

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