Recording FOSS4G

Cameron Shorter cameron.shorter at
Sun Sep 3 13:35:07 PDT 2006

Due to family committments and remoteness of Sydney,Australia I will not 
be attending FOSS4G this year.

However, I would dearly like to hear all the presentations.
Is there any chance someone could set up a recording of the sessions? 
This would also be useful for participants who want to attend 2 sessions 
which are on at the same time.

I suspect you could diseminate the recordings through

Something else which might be of value is to set up a real time audio 
link (using Skype or similar), with the option of IRC or voice back 
channel depending on the nature of the presentation. (This will be of 
less value to me as I will only be awake for a few hours of the 

Cameron Shorter

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