Is OSGeo North America-centric?

Gary Lang gary.lang at
Mon Sep 4 18:38:46 PDT 2006

We are putting together the agenda for the upcoming face-to-face meeting
in Lausanne and one of the suggested agenda items is to discuss the

"How to enable more people to participate in OSGeo efforts (make it less
North-America centric which is getting to be an issue in European GFOSS

I confess I do not understand the first half of this item, particularly
with prestigious government-sponsored groups recently getting together
with us and putting together chapters in the largest countries in the
world - i.e. India and China.

So to the second half, please chime in and help us understand what
problems we are seeing with respect to a perceived "geo-centricism" with
OSGeo with respect to tour colleagues in Europe. When I look at the
composition of the OSGeo board, the projects that are out there, and how
easy it is for regions of the world to get involved when they decide to
do so, I confess I am stumped on this one.



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