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Cameron Shorter cameron.shorter at gmail.com
Thu Feb 8 12:23:52 PST 2007

Does someone want to talk about how Openstreetmap and OSGeo can work in 
harmony with each other.

Chris Holmes wrote:
>  Is OpenStreetMap considering moving to using Geoserver, or supporting
>  the same WFS-T protocols as geoserver?
They basically won't talk until we have all the features they do.  Which
is somewhat reasonable, so we're working on that, but I'm not incredibly
optimistic that they'll just jump over - even if we match their existing
feature set and do more (diffs, rollbacks, commit comments are all
basically done in our postgis datastore).  If you want to read a thread
that is pretty typical (I think) of discussions on OSM about PostGIS and
WFS-T and the like, see:

<http://www.nabble.com/Server-slowness-tf2928059.html> starting with
Kristian Thy's email.

Andy Robinson wrote:
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> Note: Can people on the talk-* mailing lists please translate and 
> forward this?
> Thanks to a lot of hard work from all involved, we have a conference web 
> site up http://www.stateofthemap.org/  Please spread the word! This will 
> serve as a base for info for the upcoming event:
>      * The State of the Map - First openstreetmap international conference
>      * Manchester, England
>      * 14-15 July 2007
> There's a Call for proposals up. Got something to speak about? We're 
> interested in a broad range of topics:
>     1. Freeing Up Access to Geodata - The political, commercial and 
> opensource implications of open Geodata
>     2. Redrawing the Map the OSM Way - GPS, surveying, data editing 
> methods and additional sources of base data.
>     3. New Uses For A New Style of Geodata - A look at new and existing 
> uses for OSM data.
>     4. Cartography 2017 - where are we headed?
>     5. Building Blocks for Collaborative Mapping - Data storage, 
> processing, scalability and delivery in a wiki-like environment.
> It doesn't have to be exclusively about openstreetmap - feel free to 
> suggest mini-talks, talks, BOF sessions, posters and more. Oh, and it 
> wouldn't be an openstreetmap conference without mapping all of the city 
> either, would it?
> have fun,
> SteveC steve at asklater.com http://www.asklater.com/steve/
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