[OSGeo-Discuss] Google Summer of Code

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Tue Feb 20 10:11:53 PST 2007

Paul Ramsey wrote:
> Just to re-iterate, OSGeo would be an obvious and easy candidate to be a 
> "mentoring organization" which could serve as an umbrella for SoC 
> submissions on all sorts of open source spatial projects. I would 
> volunteer to be the administrator (I did it last year when Refractions 
> was a mentoring organization) but this year I have FOSS4G as a 
> responsibility, so I cannot make more time.
> OSGeo would have to provide
> - 1 Administrator to handle all the organizational aspects and be a 
> point of contact to the Google SoC administration
> - N Mentors, one for each student project
> -- Mentors must review the students work, provide them support and 
> "getting started" help, and write up two short evaluations (mid- and 
> final).
> Presumably the mentors would arise naturally from projects proposing 
> work items they want done and thereby also volunteering to oversee those 
> items.
> In return, OSGeo gets N students, working on their projects for four 
> months, and $500 cash money per mentor, which can either be given to the 
> mentor, or kept, depending on what policy osgeo wants to adopt.


Howard Butler is already doing some legwork to identify projects, and
students around GDAL but it hadn't occured to me to utilize OSGeo as the
mentoring organization.  If the different projects come up with a number
of projects a students is it likely to be disadvantagous to have them all
come from one organizations (OSGeo) as opposed to spread out as several
different organizations submitting requests?

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