[OSGeo-Discuss] Google Summer of Code

Landon Blake lblake at ksninc.com
Tue Feb 20 12:09:21 PST 2007

I'd be willing to help out with some of the administrative tasks if the
OSGeo decided to take this on.

The Sunburned Surveyor

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Frank Warmerdam wrote:

> Howard Butler is already doing some legwork to identify projects, and
> students around GDAL but it hadn't occured to me to utilize OSGeo as
> mentoring organization.  If the different projects come up with a
> of projects a students is it likely to be disadvantagous to have them
> come from one organizations (OSGeo) as opposed to spread out as
> different organizations submitting requests?

You will need a sponsoring organization regardless, and if your 
organization is not accepted, the whole procedure becomes moot. Most 
"unknown" sponsors got the minimum three students last time. OSGeo, as 
an umbrella, nonprofit, multi-project, organization would probably get 
quite a few more. My feeling is that on balance the community would be 
better served using OSGeo as an umbrella rather than trying to go 
individually.  What is important is that a large number of top quality 
students do work in the community.


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