[OSGeo-Discuss] Google Summer of Code

Cory Horner chorner at refractions.net
Mon Feb 26 15:37:05 PST 2007

Landon Blake wrote:
> As part of my efforts to be more active on the "open source
> geospatial community" I have agreed to help Frank Wammerdam with the
> Google Summer of Code coordination at the OSGeo. (Thanks to Paul
> Ramsey for some encouragement in this regard.)
> I'd really like to see some GeoTools and JUMP/OpenJUMP projects make
> it in to the Summer of Code umbrella at the OSGeo. I am willing to
> prepare a Summer of Code proposal for a DXF reader/writer that we can
> contribute to GeoTools and use in JUMP/OpenJUMP and UDig. I am also
> willing to prepare a proposal to add some improvements and new
> features to JTS. I would also mentor both projects.
> However, I don't know any students enrolled in programming courses
> that would be interested in this. I know some of my fellow
> JUMP/OpenJUMP developers and the GeoTools developers would be in a
> better position in this regard. If I prepare one or two of the
> proposals I mentioned will we be able to find interested students to
> participate?

At the moment we all need to figure out who will be under which umbrella 
-- I would like to see OSGeo open a large umbrella and take in any open 
source geospatial projects, rather than just those which are bona fide 
OSGeo members.

Finding students won't be a problem.

The deadline for mentoring organization applications is in 2 weeks, 
looking like this:


So a list needs to be put together of which groups (GeoTools, JUMP, 
Mapserver, GRASS, etc) are under OSGeo, who the potential mentors are 
for each, and a whole whack of project ideas.  Based on discussion at 
the GSoc mentor summit last year, Google would not take kindly to groups 
trying to apply under more than one umbrella organization.


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