[OSGeo-Discuss] Should old Project Steering Committee members be put out to pasture?

Daniel Morissette dmorissette at mapgears.com
Tue Jul 17 06:07:23 PDT 2007

Cameron Shorter wrote:
> Should the developer step down from the Project Steering Committee?
> Should the developer be offered a new title - "Project's Honoured 
> Grandfather" or similar?
> What do other OSGeo projects do with their old guard?

FYI here is what MapServer's PSC Guidelines says about PSC members who 
stop being active:

Stepping Down

If for any reason a PSC member is not able to fully participate then 
they certainly are free to step down. If a member is not active (e.g. no 
voting, no IRC or email participation) for a period of two months then 
the committee reserves the right to seek nominations to fill that position.

Should that person become active again (hey, it happens) then they would 
certainly be welcome, but would require a nomination.

Note that we've had PSC members go quiet for a little while but have 
never had to force replacing anyone yet. I think we'd use that rule only 
in extreme situations where the non-participating members become a 
problem for the PSC's normal operations.

Daniel Morissette

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