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RAVI KUMAR ravivundavalli at yahoo.com
Sat Jul 21 20:29:58 PDT 2007

Hi All,
  Since inception nearly an year ago, which started through mails from  Prof Venkatesh Raghavan (OSAKA Univ) churning up activity, OSGeo-India  been doing it's bit and tried to come to terms with prevailing Indian  conditions. There are many helping hands but, to translate OSGeo's aims  into activity means, proliferation of FOSS GIS software. Tried to give  some news and views below. Please interact.
  I have been nominated for OSGeo Board by professor Venkatesh Raghavan, and I will strive my best to promote OSGeo aims.
  V.Ravi Kumar
  P.S: Ravivundavalli is my User Id while V.Ravi Kumar is my formal name. 
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