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Dave Patton davep at confluence.org
Mon Jul 23 09:27:38 PDT 2007

When creating pages on the OSGeo wiki, in some
cases it helps if you make sure to include the
page in a "Category". If a page is in a Category,
it will be shown at the bottom of the wiki page.

For example, for the FOSS4G2007 conference, there
are a number of wiki pages, and they are all listed
on the Category:FOSS4G2007 page:

If you are creating a wiki page that relates to the
FOSS4G2007 conference, just add this line to the page:

A page can be in more than one Category. For example,
the "FOSS4G2007 OSGeo Booth" page is in both the
FOSS4G2007 and Events categories, because it has these
two lines:

If you know of any wiki pages that relate to the
FOSS4G2007 conference, and aren't listed here:
please edit the page to add "[[Category:FOSS4G2007]]"

Also, the same applies for pages related to the
2006 conference that aren't listed here:
(they will need "[[Category:FOSS4G2006]]")

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