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Jason Birch Jason.Birch at nanaimo.ca
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You know, I'd actually be in favour of this workshop if it showed how
Oracle can be integrated with open source geospatial applications (web
mapping, etc).  This is the kind of thing that many organisations need
to gradually integrate open source into their stacks.

As it stands, it shows how to integrate a free beer proprietary
application with an expensive-beer application, and I am personally not
in favour of it.  This is a "Free and Open Source" conference not a
"Free or Open Source" conference.


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Attendees are not just developers of free software, there are lots of
people just looking to solve problems in a low-cost way. Some of those
low cost solutions are free, others are free. My guess is that the
proposed workshop would be heavily attended.

Allan Doyle wrote:
> There are plenty of places Oracle can demo or hold a workshop. There 
> are not so many places developers of Free and Open Source Software can

> do the same.
> Let the non-free companies come and learn about FOSS. I'm not sure we 
> have to teach the FOSS developers about non-free software.


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